Wisconsin's Autumn is Eugene's Winter

Well, it begins.

Today marked the first day of slush-like consistency precipitation here in Madison. Not snow per se, but close enough. It reminded me of those long (LONG) gray days in the middle of January in Eugene. Something a little like this:

I'm hoping my Wisconsin roots kick back in this winter when Madison looks like this:

At least I like snow. The shoveling on the other hand... 


The Last Week(+) in iPhone Photos

I am REALLY bad at posting just a week of photos.

Regardless, here is a random smattering of photos from the past 2.5893 weeks of my life:

I'm not in Oregon anymore, folks. <3

Kale flowers at the Farmer's Market. 

Apples at the Farmer's Market. 

WI Capitol. 

Pumpkins. Obviously. 

Went home to vist the parentals. My dad and I took a drive to where my grandparents once lived. I remember the lake house vividly, and now it's an empty lot. Whoever bought it, however, kept the dock launch.

Local bar. 

My mom and I made mini-bundt cakes. Cute, right? The recipe was delicious. It involved a lot of butter and rum.

So many meters to read.  

Crazy cloud over Madison.

Minnie, the Beagle dog. 

Halloween in Madison never lets me down. 

Fisher, the dog that wandered into my office.  We share an office building and he was visiting. 

One of these is my car. I, however, chose the wrong one to try my key on after some grocery shopping. 


Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween dear readers!

Drafting a quick post in-between trick-or-treaters. It's been two years since I handed out candy and I've already accidentally sandwiched a little dinosaur between the wood and (heavy) glass door. Sorry little Velociraptor. You totally earned that extra handful of candy I gave you.

I'm reading an appropriately-genred novel. 
A friendly PSA: reading this before bed may cause terrifying dreams. Learned that one the hard way.


I've watched my annual must-see Halloween movies this season.

Hocus Pocus (obviously)
Rocky Horror
Nightmare Before Christmas
And then some intriguingly dark tv shows that recently debuted. 

*Sidenote: American Horror Story is pretty great. I see why it's on a cable network because it's pretty graphic, HOWEVER Grimm on NBC baffles me. It's pretty gory for primetime, network tv. I'm totally not complaining, but I'm worried it won't last long because of it.

**Double sidenote: It's extremely weird to see Connie Britton as anyone BUT her fiery and devoted mom-self, Tammy Taylor, on the now defunct NBC show Friday Night Lights. (Pretty sure that's the 745586th time I've referenced that show). She still plays a mom in American Horror Story, but it's a complete 180 from FNL

***Triple sidenote: If you've never seen an episode of Friday Night Lights, you should start watching. Like, yesterday. 

Update: I'm almost out of candy and there's an hour left of trick-or-treating. Either the kids are going to start getting one starburst each or I'm turning the light off early. 


Flume + Towers

Phew, what a Wednesday (it is Wednesday, right)? Oy.

Unwinding to some Bon Iver tonight.

Have a listen.

T-46 days until I see him in concert!


More Baseball

Clearly I love the sport.

I just finished The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach and I am DEVASTATED it is over. I wouldn't call it 100% a baseball novel, but the game is definitely central to the plot.


I want to read it all over again as if  I had never read it at all. Kind of how I feel about the now finished NBC show Friday Night Lights. I want to stay immersed in the wonderful plot and learn more about the characters.


Do you have a book you wish would have never ended?

Review to come folks. This book was just too good not to subject you all share my thoughts.



First my Brewers gave a pitiful performance in game 6 of the NLDS. They were the small guy in the playoffs, with one of the smallest (if not the smallest) markets in the Major Leagues. I wasn’t even born the last time they went so far in the playoffs, ca. 1982, when handlebar mustaches weren’t just for No Shave November.


I know when you’re at the top of the game you’re the biggest target. But I’m going to miss Beast Mode.


Now, the Badgers lost to Michigan State. Stupid Sparty, that jerk beat us last year, too. Just look at the guy, he gives me the creeps. He looks about one steroid injection away from a serious incident where his chemically-enhanced anger issues finally push him over the edge.


The (apparently lofty) dream that the Badgers could make it to a BCS Championship is now crushed. The Big Ten is due- no one has won since Ohio State beat Miami in 2002!

It really is silly to be so emotionally attached to something so trivial. Yet, I think the beauty of being a sports fan is choosing to make the game more than just a game. When the Badgers (or insert any other WI team here) win, I am filled with a sense of pride. I’m a part of a huge community of sports fans that choose to make sports more than just a commercial enterprise that rakes in billions.

Take the Badgers for example- I spent four years of my life immersed in UW-ness and loved every minute of it. I remember beating Michigan in the Fall of 2005; a nail biter of a game that I watched dutifully from my dorm room with the other freshman who didn’t get tickets in the student lottery. I remember losing to Penn State my senior year and staying to watch the whole pitiful game unfold. From thereon out, you remember what it feels like to win big and lose big as a fan.

Naturally, winning rekindles the fond memories you have of celebrating with friends or high-fiving a complete stranger that was standing next to you. Losing brings those memories of disappointment and shock rushing back. It’s this connection to memories that make sports so powerful for me.

So while the Brewers season ended in disappointment, it’s still the greatest year that I have been alive for in Brewers history. They can have awful seasons for the next 29 years and I’ll still be cheering them on. (But’s let’s hope it doesn’t take another 29 years, ok guys)? Until next season, I’m going to hang on to this:

As for the Badgers, I can never stay mad at them. Bucky has too big a piece of my heart for me to stay upset. Here’s to beating the Buckeyes next weekend!

...Thank God the Packers beat the Vikings today. 


Throwback Thursday: Tree Stand

Going wayyyyy back this week, folks. I'm about 4 years old in this photo. 

I feel this photo is a clear testament to my roots. Climbing into a tree stand that is used for deer hunting (for fun) is about as Northern Wisconsin as one can get.

The best part is no matter how far I am from home this part of me will always exist. It may hide from time to time under my high-heeled, painted nails, make-up wearing weekday self, but I'm always game for anything outdoorsy. My Carhart vest isn't going to wear itself. 


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